Who We Are

WE ARE DALLAS BIBLE  — a multi-generational, relaxed but vibrant church surrounded by an active and growing community, that exists to love ALL and help ALL follow Jesus.

Our Mission

We believe God has placed us in a vibrant community of flourishing neighborhoods on purpose, and that purpose is simple:


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Our Values

Values are the WHY behind everything we do.

We prioritize SIX VALUES that help us focus on who God has called us to be. 

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Our Beliefs

When talking about our beliefs, we try to keep 3 principles in mind: unity in the majors, freedom in the minors, and in matters of disagreement, it's truth and grace, side by side, always. 

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Our Staff & Elders

We are blessed to have an amazing staff and board of elders who are dedicated to God's mission and eager to humbly serve our body. We would love to connect with you.

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Discover Dallas Bible

"Discover Dallas Bible" is a 2-week series of classes to help you learn more about our church, membership, and how to connect in a growing relationship with God.

All are welcome to attend! 


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Our Missionairies

What can we say? We love our missionaries! Over the years, many have been sent from our body and we want to continue supporting them through prayer and financial gifts. 

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