God's Fame, not ours.

The good news is, it’s not about us, so we’ll gladly make much of God while staying honest and light-hearted about ourselves.

Inspired Truth, not shifting opinion.

God provided His perfect Word for all to know, so we major on the Bible, not our shifting opinions.

Global Mission, not personal comfort.

God's mission is to bring joy and restoration to the world through Jesus, so while comfort is appreciated, it’s not our chief pursuit.

Authentic Worship, not empty religiosity.

Motivations matter, so in song, study, service, and generosity, we want authentic worship to drive our practice.

Dependent Prayer, not self-sufficiency.

We can plant and water, but only the Holy Spirit can make it grow, so we pray often and openly depend on Him for everything.

Intentional Relationships, not passive familiarity.

Growth requires everyone working together to build each other up, so we intentionally invest in relationships that make disciples, not just fans.