Our Vision 

Our vision is to be a multiplying, mission-minded family — marked by grace —that brings joy to the city and glory to God


Our Mission

Our mission is love all and help all follow Jesus. 


Our Values

We have 6 core values that are the “why” behind everything we do. 

  1. God’s fame, not ours 
  2. Authentic worship, not empty religiosity 
  3. Inspired truth, not shifting opinion
  4. Dependent prayer, not self-sufficiency 
  5. Intentional relationships, not passive familiarity 
  6. Global mission, not personal comfort 


Our Plan 

The way we make disciples (or: 'followers of Jesus’) is by ‘helping all’ establish a healthy foundation,
while duplicating life around 4 essential rhythms of a Christ-follower:

  1. Worship: daily — & weekly with a local church body 
  2. Grow: daily — & in the context of an intentional “grow group”
  3. Serve: one another in the church — utilizing your time, talents & treasure
  4. Go: on mission — in word & deed

We believe that if people are walking in these rhythms on a regular basis, they will be growing as a disciple of Christ.


Our Foundations

Our foundations are 30 beliefs, practices & virtues -- that help us know God well, do what He calls us to do, and be who He has called us to be. We believe that when we build upon these priorities, and duplicate life around these 4 rhythms; we become more Christ-like, & God will be glorified for generations to come.

  • Beliefs (know): Knowing God well is more than knowing the right things, but it’s not less than that. So we want to know & believe what God says is true.
  • Practices (do): Doing isn’t our hope for salvation, but it is a part of our purpose. So we want to put into practice everything that He calls us to do.
  • Virtues (be): Being is the outcome of a maturing disciple of Christ. These virtues aren’t things to accomplish, they are the result of the Holy Spirit having more control of our lives.

Beliefs (know)

Practices (do)

Virtues (be)

  1.  Nature of God

  1.  Worship

  1.  Loving

  2.  Jesus 

  2.  Grow: God’s Word

  2.  Humble

  3.  Holy Spirit

  3.  Grow: Prayer

  3.  Joyful

  4.  The Bible

  4.  Grow: Community

  4.  Courageous

  5.  Mankind

  5.  Serve: Time & Talents

  5.  Grateful

  6.  Salvation

  6.  Serve: Treasure

  6.  Wise

  7.  Future Hope

  7.  Go: Evangelism

  7.  Faithful

  8.  Satan

  8.  Go: Make Disciples

  8.  Gracious

  9.  The Church

  9.  Go: Justice 

  9.  'Salt & Light’

  10. The Gospel

  10. Go: Rest

  10. All-in