Care Ministry

The Care Ministry wants to love and serve ALL who are in need, both in our church and around our community. We provide assistance for the following needs:

Visitation: This team goes to hospitals and homes to pray and care for those in need.

Meals: The meals team coordinates a care calendar for new moms, families in need, or families in the hospital.

Food Pantry: Our food pantry provides supplemental food for families in need within the DBC family and our neighborhood. It’s open on the 1st Wednesdays of each month and located on the east side of the youth building.

Prayer: Our prayer team receives weekly updates from the church and prays fervently for those needs.

Transportation: This team provides rides to Dallas Bible events, such as Sunday worship, Bible studies, etc.

Have a need? Want to serve? Contact: Care Ministry

Early Wheels
Early Wheels is a motor ministry to children with disabilities. Many kids with disabilities rely on adults to provide motor experiences for them, as they cannot move independently. The purpose of Early Wheels is simple: To provide independent motor opportunities to children with disabilities, targeting the age 0-4 year old.
Find out more: Early Wheels website