Create Week | July 22-25 6pm-8pm

Because we are created in the image of a creative God we are called to create. It is our goal to foster the gifts of creativity within the next generation. At this FREE evening experience your kids will be encouraged to explore their creative gifts and develop a relationship with the Creator, our God, through the leadership of Dallas Bible Church adults who are willing to share their passions and gifts.

During this week, your child will participate in Large Group worship, games, skits and a nightly Bible lesson. They are encouraged to pick an individual interest/passion track they will participate in throughout the week in Small Group settings. This could range from photography, music, sports, STEM, to the arts. At the end of the week they will celebrate their uniqueness and creativity through our showcase event.

Registration has now closed. If you have any questions, please reach out to Zane Parsley.


Parents, you will find updated information for Create Week HERE.

We will be updating this section with Track Information, Need-to-Knows, Nightly Recaps, and our Create Week Showcase information.


Click HERE to select your child's 1st Choice and 2nd Choice (if 1st is Full) Track. Some tracks are grade limited. Please use the grade your child just completed in May 2019. Our Variety Creativity Track for Kinder & 1st Graders will explore arts, crafts, sports, and music.