Kids Jr. Ministry (Birth-Pre-K)

Children absorb everything and know when they're loved, so we're passionate about starting early to communicate God's perfect love and grace He's made available to all.  Our curriculum, Orange, offers creative, engaging lessons aimed at teaching preschoolers that "God Made Me," "God Loves Me," and "Jesus Wants to Be My Friend Forever." 


Our goal is to provide a caring, safe, and organized church home for children and their parents. Before entering the DBC Kids hallway, you will be asked to fill out a visitor card, a name tag, and a guardian tag. This is where you provide us with information that is vital to your child’s care (such as allergies, special needs, etc.). This takes only a few minutes and can be done at the any of our check-in kiosks. Our check in team will be there to walk you through the process.  When picking up children after worship, parents will need to show their guardian tag before entering the kid's ministry hallway.

Kids Giving Station

We offer a way for kids to learn about tithing and giving back to the Lord! You will find a collection box clearly marked in the welcome area should you wish to have your child give an offering on Sundays when you arrive.  You can model this by giving as well and explain the purpose to your children.  Visit for some ideas to help.

Parent/Child Dedication

What is Parent/Child Dedication?

Parent/Child Dedication is a special time during a service in which you as a parent make a formal commitment to raise your child in a Christ-centered home. We see several examples in the Bible such as I Samuel 1:24 – 2:10 when Hannah dedicated Samuel at the temple and Luke 2 where Mary and Joseph dedicated Jesus.  During the service you will be asked to make a public pledge before the congregation that you will raise your child to know, love and follow Jesus Christ.  God designed the home as the primary place for faith to be nurtured. One way that we seek to partner with you is by providing resources throughout your child’s spiritual journey.   

The Parent’s Commitment

Parent/Child Dedication is your commitment to model, teach and reinforce the Christian Faith. It should not be confused with your child’s personal choice to follow Christ. We believe the Bible clearly teaches that each person must decide for themselves to trust in Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord (Romans 10:9-10).  The age a child is ready to make this personal decision will vary depending on the child.

The Church’s Commitment

Parent/Child Dedication is also a time for the church to commit to walk alongside you as you point your child toward Christ.

When is Parent/Child Dedication?

Parent/Child Dedication is the second Sunday in May and the second Sunday in November (November 14th) at the beginning of the 10:45 am service.

If you would like more information please contact Dawn Moody at [email protected].


Kids Ministry (Elementary School)

We want to partner with you as you try to raise children that will love Jesus and enjoy following Him for a lifetime. So while you're always encouraged to bring your children with you as you worship, we provide a safe and age appropriate worship experience for kids. 
As kids grow, we realize they go through different phases both in how they absorb information and how they relate to the world around them. Because of this, we have split our elementary kids into two groups. Our kindergarten - 3rd graders each have a classroom on the east wing of the childrens hall and the 4th and 5th graders are in a room upstairs that we call Uptown Kids. This allows a great transition to middle school in 6th grade which is in the youth building.
Sunday Morning
9:00am and 10:45am
Small Group - Classroom Setting
Kids are dropped off in their classrooms where they are greeted by a small group leader (SGL). These amazing volunteers are dedicated and focused on engaging and getting to know your child so they can both encourage and pray for them as they meet and walk with Jesus. After large group time, the kids will transition back to their small group so that they can discuss what the lesson was about, play games and pray together.
Large Group - Kids Life Room
All kids will transition to the Kids Life room which is a large group, dynamic, Bible-learning environment that integrates biblical teaching with live storytelling, music, games and creativity, all in a relational setting. Kids learn what corporate worship looks like and get to participate in a worship service that is age appropriate. We have dedicated teaching volunteers who bring the word to life for kids. Kids are never too young to learn all the ways that we worship our King! 

Interested in serving in the kids program? 

We believe that everyone is given unique spiritual gifts and abilities to help strengthen the church and deepen our relationship with God. There are many ways to invest relationally and help the kids at Dallas Bible learn to love all and help all follow Jesus. No service is too great or too small as we equip our bothers and sisters in Christ to continue the faith.

Questions? Please contact:  Molly Dykstra


Family Sundays

Family Sundays are an opportunity for all of us to come together throughout the year as a community of believers, obeying our biblical mandate to meet as a church body. On these designated Sundays (usually whenever there is a 5th Sunday)  parents are encouraged to have their elementary-aged children and older join them in their Sunday Morning Group, in the worship service, or in a volunteer position that morning. Children can volunteer with their parents in their regularly scheduled service ministry or visit the Next Steps Desk for kid-appropriate opportunities.
Find out more here: FAMILY SUNDAYS
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