The Freedom Prayer Ministry is a personal prayer ministry where individuals can schedule a focused prayer time with members of Dallas Bible's prayer team. The main goal of the prayer ministry is to allow the Holy Spirit to identify and to address things hindering a deeper personal relationship with God.

This ministry uses a biblical framework to give the Holy Spirit room to address inner hurts and wounds, identify and break strongholds, and bring healing and freedom, all with the purpose of knowing God better (Eph 1:17).

While God can meet us anytime in any way, he has made a promise that when two or more of us gather in his name, that he blesses us with his presence (Matt. 18:20).

When we wait on him together, we can confidently expect him to reveal himself and guide us into truth (John 16:13)

Next Steps:

  1. View our Frequently Asked Questions Below
  2. Click HERE to request a prayer session with our team.
  3. An email will be sent to you with your scheduled prayer time and further instructions.
  4. Email our team if you have any questions or concerns or would like to discuss anything before scheduling.

How does Scripture inform Freedom Prayer?

The promises and principles found in God's Word are the basis for all effective prayer ministry. Click here to see Dallas Bible's doctrinal statement. The DBC elders and pastors are committed to ministering in a way that is solidly biblical. This strong biblical grounding gives the Holy Spirit room to do what only he can do. We seek to be humble before the Lord and to honor the people who come for ministry. We also maintain a strong system of accountability and confidentiality.

Are there qualifications to receive prayer?

There are no specific qualifications necessary, but for a person to gain freedom, he or she must be honest and desire to be free, and willing to submit to God’s word. It is ideal if the person is a Christian, ready to deal with sin and repent, and if applicable, willing to be transparent and honest about the places that are hidden that he/she would not want anyone to know about. The person must be willing to forgive others and let go of judgment. He/she must want freedom and not just relief. Being under clear church authority and accountable to members of the church is also helpful. Finally, one should expect God to lead the prayer time and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, without false expectations or prejudicial notions of what should occur.

Is my prayer session confidential?

Everything that is said and done is held in the strictest of confidentiality. However, if there appears to be personal danger to you or to someone else that is discussed during the prayer time, the prayer team may be obliged to share information for your safety or the safety of others.

Is there follow-up after my prayer session?

It is our goal that everyone who receives prayer is in a discipleship relationship and walking in close community with the body of Christ. At Dallas Bible, this ideally means that you are in a Life Group or some other type of small group that keeps you in close relationship with people who can walk with you in growing freedom and accountability. While prayer sessions can be powerful times of personal ministry, new found freedom will be difficult to maintain and grow if we are not walking in close Christian community. If you are not in close community with other Christian believers, it will be our goal to help you establish these relationships.

Can I sign a friend or family member up for prayer?

We request that if you have someone you believe needs prayer that you direct them to this webpage so they can explore what the process entails and sign up for a prayer time on their own. It is important that the person coming for prayer understands what they are signing up for and have made a decision that this is something they want to participate in.

Can I bring a child for prayer?

Yes, you can bring a child for prayer. Depending on the child’s age and comfort, most often prayer would be with the child and the child’s parent or guardian. It would be helpful to email us so that we can discuss the particulars beforehand.

What if I am under the care of a psychiatrist, psychologist, or counselor?

We recommend that you consult with the person(s) whom you are under the care of and get their permission before scheduling a prayer time. While likely a prayer time will only enhance your progress towards freedom, we respect and partner with practitioners and would advise that they are aware of areas covered in the prayer time. While we are a prayer ministry, we are not trained or authorized in licensed counseling or medical practice. We recommend that you continue in whatever treatment you are currently receiving and consult your doctor about your therapy and/or medications.

What type of training does your team undergo?

Our team members complete an in depth training over several months that is followed by an apprentice period. Because of the variety and depth of hurts that are encountered, members are trained in confidentiality and in which circumstances professional or legal authorities should be consulted. Members are trained regarding when to speak and when to wait; remember, the purpose is to give the Holy Spirit room to do what Jesus promised (John 14:13, 16:18).


What does a prayer session look like?

During a prayer time, you will meet with 2-3 prayer team members, usually of the same gender. One team member will primarily lead the prayer time with help from the other two members. This team will have been praying on your behalf prior your appointment, and will be seeking the Lord’s leading during the actual prayer time as well. The prayer time will center on Scripture and trusting the Holy Spirit to lead through applicable areas such as forgiveness, repentance, identifying and removing lies or ungodly beliefs, confession of sin, and receiving God’s truth and His heart towards you. There will also be a time of blessing during the prayer session. Both you and the team will be active participants in the prayer time as we seek the Lord’s heart together.

Where can I find more information about Freedom Prayer?

You can find more information about Freedom Prayer by visiting