Elder Nomination

Biblical leadership in the church is critically important. In accordance with the Scriptures and the DBC Bylaws, each year we seek God’s wisdom for identifying potential elder candidates.* The process for the selection of elders is outlined in the Bylaws (a copy of which can be obtained from the church office).  During the month of February our nomination process is open to the church. The process is as follows:

STEP 1:  Members, after prayerful consideration and a personal, face-to-face conversation with the nominee, may recommend elder candidates. To be eligible to serve as an elder, candidates must be a man who has been actively engaged in DBC for at least two years and committed as a member for at least one year.

STEP 2:  A six-person Elder Review Committee will seriously and confidentially consider all recommendations. All candidates will be reviewed based upon the elder qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3.1-7, Titus 1.5-9, and 1 Peter 5.1-4. The committee will interview the candidates (and their wives if applicable) and contact references.  The entire process will be kept in strictest confidence. 

STEP 3:  After prayerful and diligent deliberation, the Committee will submit its recommendations and findings to the Elder Board for further consideration.

STEP 4:  After consideration and affirmation by the Board, and with no more than one dissenting vote, the Board will present the candidate(s) to the Body on two consecutive Sundays before any confirmation will occur. The Board will prayerfully consider any objections to any candidates that are raised by members.

Please prayerfully consider the description of elder qualifications and make certain that you know the candidate well and have spoken with him face-to-face before submitting his name. A strong desire to serve in this capacity is required; no one will plead or force anyone into this role. For those who are called to this ministry, this service will be tremendously challenging and rewarding. Your nomination should only be submitted after careful thought and prayer concerning the individual’s qualifications and suitability.

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