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We’re in a new series called “Foundations” which builds off of Jesus’ metaphor in Matt 7: A house built on sand will never be able to stand BUT a house that’s built on the rock will never be able to fall.

03-06-2022 8:56 AM

Belief #7 FUTURE HOPE - Discussion Guide for Groups

03-06-2022 8:56 AM
03-06-2022 8:56 AM

Begin in prayer, welcoming the Holy Spirit, inviting Him to lead, guide, and convict. Then, reflect on the sermon. What were some highlights? Was anything particularly helpful, convicting, or confusing?

Examine the Word

  • Read Acts 1:1-11
  • Read Philippians 3:18-21
  • Read Revelation 19:11-16 and 21:1-8

For Discussion

  • Describe what the initial stage of Jesus’ return will be like, as foretold in Acts 1:11 and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 5:1-11.
  • How would you describe heaven and hell? What Scriptures have been instructive to you?
  • What is the connection between God’s love and justice? How do these two attributes of God inform what heaven and hell will be like?
  • Heaven is temporary. When Jesus returns again, He will usher in a new creation and establish an eternal kingdom here on earth. Is this new information to you? Share about how you’ve grown in your understanding of where humanity is headed and what your future hope is in.
  • Talk about the imagery of Revelation 21:1-8. How is your faith impacted by knowing (some of) what’s to come in the future?

For Practice

  • Praise: Listen to “Sons and Daughters” by New Creation Worship as a practice of worship.
  • Meditate: Read through Revelation 21 and meditate on the grace and mercy of our God who will one day return for us and remake the world.

For Family Discussions

  • Talk about the sermon together. What did you learn that was new? Were there any parts that were confusing?
  • Talk with your kids about Jesus’ return - that it will happen soon, that we don’t know when, that we will be immediately and forever in God’s presence, that He has plans to recreate the world. Discuss what it means to have a God who will remove evil and bring eternal holiness and happiness to His people.
  • Draw/paint a picture of the new creation.


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