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We’re in a new series called “Foundations” which builds off of Jesus’ metaphor in Matt 7: A house built on sand will never be able to stand BUT a house that’s built on the rock will never be able to fall.

01-16-2022 8:32 AM

Belief #2 JESUS - Discussion Guide for Groups

01-16-2022 8:32 AM
01-16-2022 8:32 AM

Begin in prayer, welcoming the Holy Spirit, inviting Him to lead, guide, and convict. Then, reflect on the sermon. What were some highlights? Was anything particularly helpful, convicting, or confusing?

Examine the Word

  • Read John 1:1-14
  • Read Romans 5:8 and 1 Corinthians 15:3-28
  • Read Zechariah 14:4 and Revelation 19:11-16

For Discussion

  • How would you define Jesus’ role in the Trinity? Who does John 1 assert Him to be?
  • It is truly a mystery that Jesus is fully God and fully man. What does it do to your/our faith to have a core belief that is beyond human logic? How does it increase your/our awe of who He is and the mystery of faith?
  • What does it mean that Jesus’ life and death served as a substitute for us?
  • Why is Jesus’ resurrection the key to our faith? If He did not raise from the dead, is Christian faith even viable?
  • He is returning! How much of your life is spent fixated on the reality of His imminent return? How would your life change if you had His return on your mind? How would it change the church’s witness to the world?

For Practice

  • Meditate: Fixate on Jesus, the Son of God. Pick a passage to spend ten minutes reading and re-reading. Meditate on the perfect, holy character of the God-man.
  • Connect: Because Jesus is both God and man, He understands us fully. Bring to Him whatever has been causing you grief or suffering. Let Him mourn with you. Let Him fill you with His peace.
  • Worship: Write out a prayer of praise or sing a song of praise as you worship Jesus as our Savior whose life, death, and resurrection were a substitute for each of us.

For Family Discussions

  • Talk about the sermon together. What did you learn that was new? Were there any parts that were confusing?
  • Talk about Jesus being fully God and fully man. Talk about His eternal, never-beginning nature as well as His human birth in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago. Why is it important that Jesus was both God and human? How does it help us to follow Him every day?
  • Pick out a worship song to sing together that focuses on Jesus.


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