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We’re in a new series called “Foundations” which builds off of Jesus’ metaphor in Matt 7: A house built on sand will never be able to stand BUT a house that’s built on the rock will never be able to fall.

04-03-2022 8:02 AM

Belief #10 THE BIG STORY - Discussion Guide for Groups

04-03-2022 8:02 AM
04-03-2022 8:02 AM

Begin in prayer, welcoming the Holy Spirit, inviting Him to lead, guide, and convict. Then, reflect on the sermon. What were some highlights? Was anything particularly helpful, convicting, or confusing?

Examine the Word

  • Read Genesis 1 & 3
  • Read Romans 5:1-11

For Discussion

  • What has been your personal experience with being trained in “God’s Big Story”? In other words, who taught you about the overarching meaning of Scripture? How has your understanding of God’s message grown, adapted, and been corrected over time?
  • Define “creation” and “fall.” How do you see both the goodness of the creation and brokenness of sin everywhere you look?
  • Define “redemption” and “new creation.” How would you explain to someone what God has done through His Son Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection? What is coming next in God’s plan of salvation?
  • Why is the message about Jesus referred to in Scripture as “good news”? What good things has God done in your life since you believed in Jesus?
  • Can you be more creative or bold in sharing the good news? Who is on your mind as someone God wants you to tell?

For Practice

  • Share: Find a friend(s) who can hold you accountable to sharing the gospel. Write down the name of the person on your mind and pray for boldness and open doors to tell them about Jesus.
  • Watch: Search for “The Story of the Bible” from the BibleProject. Watch it and discuss it with someone! Pay attention to new ways of thinking about God’s plan in His world.
  • Write: If you’ve never had the opportunity to write out a 1 minute testimony of your life before and after knowing Jesus, spend some time composing it. Ask God to show you who you should  share it with.

For Family Discussions

  • Talk about the sermon together. What did you learn that was new? Were there any parts that were confusing?
  • Talk about the four major movements in the Bible: Creation, Fall, Redemption, New Creation


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