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04/26/2020 2:02 PM

Hope for the House Church: Freedom

04/26/2020 2:02 PM
04/26/2020 2:02 PM

Sermon Follow-up Questions: Acts 13:38-42 

Main Point: We can walk in freedom because of Jesus! 

1. The freedom we crave is NOT just about the absence of restriction. 

v. 39 says, Through him everyone who believes is set free from every sin, a justification you were not able to obtain under the law of Moses. 

  • How did it feel when you believed in Jesus? Did you feel free? 
  • How do justification and freedom connect? 
  • Do you live like you have been SET FREE from every sin – past, present, future? 

There’s a way to do religion that doesn’t set you free. 

  • Have you experienced stifling religion? 
  • How has knowing Jesus set you free? 

There’s no such thing as “absolute freedom” because we’re all mastered by something!  

  • Has a sin, addiction, relationship, job, fear ever mastered you? 

Freedom is not a matter of restriction – it’s a matter of design. 

  • How does Scripture show us we’ve been designed to depend on God? 

2. Jesus has freed us from the all-controlling power of sin…today.

Over time, as you surrender to the Holy Spirit, He will begin to change you and produce fruit in you. 

  • What evidence is there in your life that you are free from sin and producing good fruit? 

Have you let Jesus set you free… 

  • from the shame and condemnation of sin? 
  • from the fear of death? 
  • from the power of addiction in your life? 
  • from idols of busyness, materialism, greed, consumerism, fear? 

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