General Information

We desire to engage our church body over the next year in mission by empowering our small groups to prayerfully discern how to best invest a total of $75,000 in a way “that brings joy of our city and glory to God.”

We want to know what our members are passionate about, and we want you to be the ones who discern the needs and deliver the blessings to our community. We desire to be a "multiplying, mission-minded family."

Some questions that could help guide the discussion include: 

  • What are the critical needs you see in our city today? 
  • Which needs are most important to you, and why? 
  • How did Jesus work to redeem what you see is broken? 
  • How does the gospel compel you to do something about these needs? 
  • What is one need our group should focus on? (Take time in group prayer and discuss. This could take time for agreement.) 
  • How can we best use a grant to serve this need for the glory of God?  

Applications will be received from September 8, 2019 - November 1, 2019.

Grants will be disbursed based around the following categories:

  • Education & Personal Development--local schools or groups/organizations who promote opportunities for individuals to achieve better success.
  • City Transformation--local/regional (parks, or organizations) that bring change to cities.
  • Families at Risk--to lift women and children out of three key areas: danger, poverty, illiteracy.
  • Crisis Response--local groups who provide crisis relief and development through timely and strategic mobilization.
  • Church Planting--to see life-giving, grace-based, churches established and growing around our city.
  • Medical Care & Support--organizations who support for those facing life altering medical conditions.
  • Restoration & Recovery--elevating mental and physical well being through support environments and recovery programs.

Grants will range from $100 - $5000 based on need, parameters meet, and request received.

All work/service based request must be completed by March 31, 2020


Each awarded small group may be asked to share their story with the church on Thanksgiving Sunday (December 1, 2019) in an edifying way. Presentations may involve video and other media.

Download Grant Application HERE